Dive into recent Village legal costs

Want to go a little deeper? We did a Freedom of Information request to see exactly how much our Village has spent on legal fees in 2020.

Click on the PDF graphics to open the files and check out what we've highlighted on these documents — $31,865 paid to law firm Levanthal, Mullaney & Blinkoff, LLP over a two-month period in early 2020; and $55,319 paid for Contract Services associated with development litigation for all of 2020.

Peek into this file!

Hampshire matter - $404,028

AVC Properties - $187,386

Tiekert (130 Beach Avenue) - $62,161

Goldstein v. VOM - $259,609


GRAND TOTAL: $913,184

Read the background on these recent, extravagantly expensive legal cases on our FAQS page.