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We decided to put together this list of our priorities to show what we stand for – rather than what we stand against. We want the Village to thrive and for residents' hard earned tax dollars to fund projects that will benefit the entire community rather than underwrite astronomical legal costs.

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We work so hard to uphold these principles every day. We welcome comments and questions from all our neighbors and from anyone who cares about Mamaroneck!


Every tax dollar counts. Unnecessary spending is a missed opportunity to fund meaningful programs and projects for the Village.


Spending to benefit everyone. Village spending should benefit ALL residents in ways that support our diverse neighborhoods and small businesses.


Tax initiatives. Our taxes should be spent on fixing dangerous intersections, funding public health and safety initiatives, and supporting local programs for working families, senior citizens and residents with disabilities.


Misuse of government funds. Our tax dollars should not be squandered to benefit the most exclusive, least diverse neighborhoods.


Government transparency. The Mayor and Trustees should provide evidence that they only block building projects based on expert legal advice that the Village is likely to prevail in the inevitable and expensive lawsuits that will follow.


Representation. Our local government, including appointed committees and commissions, should reflect the diverse fabric of the Village.


Every neighbor to have a voice. All Village neighborhoods – all those affected by Village government's decisions – deserve to have the space to express their views at Board meetings, on social media, and with fellow neighbors. They deserve to have a voice in the ways that local government spends our money.

Image by Reid Zura

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